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Help Your Credit For Free!

Nearly 46% of consumers say they typically consider making a financial resolution – up 31% since the first year of the survey in 2009. 

The top 3 financial resolutions? Saving more (52%), spending less (19%) and paying off debt (19%). 

Adrian Nazari, CEO and founder of, is available to talk about how consumers can start 2013 on the right financial foot, as well as discuss the top 3 financial resolutions and what consumers can do to address them including: 

Saving More 

There are lots of small steps that consumers can take to achieve this resolution so choose options that fit the best with your lifestyle. Create a budget. Have more money automatically withdrawn from your paycheck and put in your 401k. Bring your lunch to work more frequently. Eliminate expensive membership fees (i.e. that gym you no longer use.) According to the Wall Street Journal, 88% of resolutions fail, so the key here is to set small, achievable goals that add up to a whole lot of savings. If you’re still worried you’ll break your resolution, consider motivating yourself by money. There are websites out there that will allow you to set a goal. If you achieve it, nothing happens, but if you don’t achieve it, the site will charge your credit card and donate money to a charity whose cause you hate. 

Spending Less 

The best place to start is by evaluating your current expenses. Do you really need cable television or can you make do without? What about that monthly subscription to Netflix or your 10 magazine subscriptions? Is now really the best time to buy that new couch or could you find one for free? One of the easiest and most overlooked ways to spend less is by re-evaluating your debt and improving your credit score. Consumers with better credit scores have better interest rates. Credit Sesame has found that 1 in 3 Americans are overpaying $541 a month on their loans. By refinancing, consumers could quickly save hundreds of dollars every year without having to make significant cuts to their budget. 

Paying Off Debt 

After taking a look at your holiday shopping credit card bill, you may (unsurprisingly) groan and vow to pay off your debt as quickly as possible. However, according the Journal of Marketing Research, consumers often go about paying their debt down the wrong way – and it can cost them in the long run. Most consumers will choose to pay off the smallest balances first, rather than the balance with the highest interest rates. Depending on the amount of debt and the different interest rates, the savings could add up. Consider using an interest rate calculator to determine how much you should pay. 


Consumers who are serious about their finances should also consider signing up for free credit monitoring from Credit Sesame. Not only will credit monitoring allow consumers to stay on top of their credit, but they’ll receive alerts when important changes occur. This makes it easy for consumers to know where they stand financially, if their identity has been compromised and keep track of what’s reported to the credit bureaus.

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Finance. For Women

DailyWorth is a free daily personal finance email for women. It delivers practical tips, empowering ideas, and the occasional kick in the pants. DailyWorth tips cover self worth, net worth, saving, spending, earning, investing, taxes, entrepreneurship, financial feminism, and much more. More than ever, money matters to women. Women need to recognize their own self-worth and build their own wealth. Now women can take control of their finances by signing up for DailyWorth.

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Making Money Online

Making Money Online All Sites I've Cashed Out OfHey Everyone!  I wanted to let ya’ll in on some ways I make extra cash and get free gift cards.  Here are my thoughts on some of them, links to others.  Let me know if I’ve missed some!  These are all sites I’ve used and redeemed.  I’m not promoting things I haven’t tried!!!  I’d love for you to check them out.  There is one not included here that works through surveys, clicks, and emails.  If you’d like an invite to it, let me know and I’ll get ya hooked up.  😀

Join Swagbucks!
You Can Get Free Gift Cards For Shopping, Searching and Discovering What’s Online at

By now, most of you have probably heard of swagbucks, but in case you haven’t, here it is!  I have personally redeemed over $100 bucks in amazon gift certificates, but you can also choose various prizes, other gift cards, and even money paid via paypal.  I love that swagbucks is so easy to earn on.  I use my phone and, via their mobile app, earn a lot of swagbucks via their videos.  Most of the time, I just let them play.  You can also install the toolbar and use them as your primary search engine so that you earn bucks via searches.  Sign up using the code SBISONTHEGO and you’ll get a bonus 60 swagbucks to start off with!
I’ve been using My Points for quite some time now.  I go back and forth.  They now have a daily 5 that helps you get points quicker, so quicker to a pay out.  Definitely worth opening a few emails to get extra gift cards!  Check them out!

Send Earnings
I’ve been a member of Send Earning for a while.  As for redemption, I’m at over $60.  Upon signup, you get $5.  You’ll be paid via a check in your mailbox.  You get rewarded for reading and clicking emails, doing searches, playing games, taking surveys and shopping.  When you shop through them , there are sometimes special deals as well. Must reach $30 to cash out.
Inbox Dollars
Inbox dollars pays about the same as Send Earnings.  Same offers and everything, but you still get rewarded for basically clicking or doing almost the same thing again.  I’m at over $60 with them as well.  $5 sign up bonus, paid via check.  You have to reach $30 before you can cash out.


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The Pre-Black Friday Holiday Sale!

As a pre-Black Friday warm up, Swagbucks is offering big cash back for shopping online at several of your favorite retailers right now! Just go to this page to see all of the deals available and get the jump on your holiday shopping.

In order to take advantage of the cash back, just create your Swagbucks account when prompted (it takes less than 30 seconds) and then you’re all set! Your cash back comes in the form of SB points, which you can redeem for gift cards to places like Amazon, Target, Walmart, Starbucks, or get PayPal cash!

As a special bonus, if you sign up through me you get a 300 SB ($3) bonus when you earn your first 300 SB before December 1st! This site’s a great way to extend your shopping budget, especially around the holidays!

How to Save on your Summer Electric Bill

I don’t know about your place, but here at the Zoo every time that AC kicks on I can hear my wallet mourning with my bank account!  Every time it flips on I hear screams of “WHHYYYY”s and “NNNNOOOO”s  and “Don’t do this!!!!” resounding through our Zoo.  So, in order to help ease my poor wallets pain and comfort that little bank accounts already fallen, unhealthy weight loss issue, I thought I’d find some ways to help save on energy costs.

  • Install a programmable thermostat and raise the setting to the highest comfortable temperature. You can save 3 to 5 percent on your air conditioning costs for each degree you raise the thermostat.
  • Close doors leading to uncooled parts of your home. If you have central air conditioning, close off vents to unused rooms. Keep filters clean.
  • Even if you have air conditioning, use ceiling and other fans to provide additional cooling and better circulation.
  • Seal holes and cracks around doors and windows. Eliminate air leaks around window air conditioners with foam insulation or weather-stripping.
  • Close blinds, shades and draperies facing the sun to keep out the sun’s heat and help fans and air conditioners cool more efficiently.
  • Turn off power sources. TVs, computers and other electronic devices draw power when they are in standby mode or turned off but still plugged in. Plug electronics into power strips and turn off the power switch when the items are not in use.
  • Use timers and motion detectors on indoor and outdoor lighting.
  • Replace old appliances with new energy efficient Energy Star appliances.
  •  If possible, install whole-house fans that bring in cooler night-time air that can pre-cool a house and reduce energy use in the daytime if heat is kept out by closing windows and shades
  •  During the day, summer heat builds up in the attic space of your home, reaching temperatures as high as 130 degrees. In the evening, this heat can radiate back down into your home. To pull the heat out of your home and attic, consider installing a whole house fan. House fans work by pulling in fresh air through the open windows of your home, and exhausting it out the ceiling and into the attic. From there, it’s pushed out of the attic through the roof or gable vents.
    • You can also put box fans in windows to achieve almost the same effect.  Use them in the mornings when the air is cool to help pull in cooler air.
    • Use ceiling fans to pull heat up so that the rest of the room is cooler.

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7 Eco-Friendly Ways to Save Your Cash

Eco Friendly Ways to Save Cash NowThere are so many ways to be more eco-friendly!  I’ve made a list of simple, easy, and cost effective ways for you to try out and I’d love to hear anymore that I may have missed!   I recently learned about Marty Stallone and his sustainable practices in Hollywood.  I think it’s fabulous that it’s making more mainstream news!  Knowledge is power!  Be sure to check out Marty J Stallone and find out what you can!  In the meantime, here are plenty to get you started reducing your resource use and saving money!

1.You can get a plug in set from Etekcity for pretty cheap so that your electronics are only pulling electricity when you want them to. The bonus: lower electricity bills and lower resource usage!  I also love that I have a remote that I can turn lights on and off from anywhere in my house!  In addition, set your computers to hibernate so that they aren’t constantly burning juice!  Glad for the reminder, (I just went in and took care of that!)

2. Switch your light bulbs to LED or compact fluorescent. With regular bulbs, they burn a ton of energy just through the heat the hold!  And of course, try to use natural light as much as possible!  Open up the curtains and let that sunlight in!  You’ll also get a little more Vitamin D!  Yay!

3. The three R’s: Reduce, re-use, re-cycle! When I was a kid, this stuff was crammed down our throats so hard I STILL remember those commercials!  You can reduce your waste buy buying in bulk, then using washable containers to break the amounts down to more usable portions.  So much of our waste can be eliminated with a little bit of extra effort!

4. Plastic bags from shopping can be re-used for trash or you can just utilize totes instead of using them at all.  They have some awesomely adorable totes and you can even get insulated ones to keep your groceries cold! If you choose to use plastic bags, you’ll also save money on trash bags!  Bonus!

5. If your windows are old and you can’t replace them at this time, you can line them with bubble wrap to insulate them a little more, this will help keep the cool air out in the winter and the cool air IN during the summer months! I use the wrap and bubble bags that come in my packages!  It’s a win win for me and the environment!

6. According to, you can save 10% of your electric bill a year by adjusting your thermostat up by 2 degrees in the summer and down by 2 degrees in the winter. They also advise adjusting by 8 degrees at night.  The 2 degree adjustment will save 2000 lbs of Co2 per year!

7.Skip out on buying many cleaners by purchasing re-usable micro fiber cloths that attract dirt all on their own!

An amazing resource is, not only can you learn a ton but you can also get rewarded for your efforts to educate yourself with points to get other things!  Win Win!  You can also consult with HomeLab and see what you can do to make your home healthier as well and get a free ebook to help you learn more!

2017 Grizzly Bear Silver Coin: No Risk, Tax Free Investments

The 1.5 Ounce 2017 Grizzly Bear Silver Coin is stunningly beautiful!  I love it and have been tempted to switch my stamp collection to a coin collection!  I’ll definitely be housing my Grizzly Bear Coin in the safe, as gorgeous as it is, it’s also a valuable investment.  China’s is a Panda Bear and I’m crazy in love with it!  haha.  

Seems like the older we get, the more important investment becomes.  I wondered why that was for a time, but then I saw just how much one earns from social security income and such.  Definitely a must have: investment.  The thing is, it’s terrifying.  My Dad lost almost all of his 401k thanks to the stock market and that’s terrifying.  When I heard that anyone can just buy gold or silver, I was a bit surprised.  I really thought only rich people could do that.  Turns out, anyone can and it’s not that hard!

Looking over the GSI exchange website, there is some very educational stuff, not only on the value of silver and gold but also on how to invest without paying tax penalties: LEGALLY!  I think that is fabulous!  They tell about Physical Possession IRA’s, which I had never heard of.  It’s a way of investing without risk or having to pay investors.  They don’t report your purchases to the IRS so you don’t pay any penalties for having purchased them.

I’m fascinated and highly interested!  It took me a minute to find, but I found that you can sell the metal back to them.  I was curious as to how that would work.  If you are struggling to get on track, check out my credit letter that can help you get negative things removed from your credit without costing you money.  You know I’m ALL about free!

Wondering Why GSI?

A+ Rating with the BBB

 Fast Shipping

Safe and Secure Packaging

Easy Ordering Process

 Friendly Service

 Helpful Educational Materials about Gold and Silver Investing


House Buying!!!

Hello All!!!  We are pleased to announce that God has blessed us with the opportunity to begin picking out the next Zoo habitat!!!  We will be shopping for probably forever, but He will guide us and we are very excited!!!

In honor of this, I found a list of questions to ask before you have a home inspected once you pick the one of your family Zoo needs.  So, I’m passing it on to you!  Ready, here goes!

Why is it being sold?
Are there any problems with the house?
Ask for the utility bills for the last year.
Talk to the neighbors about the area.
Take notes when you look at the house.
Does the yard slope towards the house (drainage problem)?
How many years does the roofing have left?
Do all the windows open?
Does the wiring look normal and up-to-date?
Are there any cracks in the foundation?
Are the fences in good shape?
Are there any problems with the driveway?
Is the garage floor cracked?
Does the garage door work fine?
What interior fixtures are included?
Are there sufficient outlets in every room?
Flush the toilet and try all faucets.
Test all lights and ceiling fans.
Test the stove and other appliances that are included.
Look in the attic for evidence of animals.
Is there sufficient insulation?
Is the roof sagging?
Are any of the walls cracked or sagging?
Are the ceilings in good shape?
Are there fuses or breakers (the latter are preferable)?
Does the furnace look okay?
Does the water heater look okay?
Is there any moisture in the basement?
Do the floor beams look good?
Do the supports look okay?
Does the sump pump work?
Are there any cracks in the basement floor?
Do the stairs sag when stepped on?
Does the air conditioner work?
What does your intuition tell you?

I found these in an article House Buying Tips, you can read the full article here!  I would love to hear your tips and suggestions on the topic!!!  We can use all we can get!!!  Prayers are also always welcome and greatly needed!!!  Hope you all had a great Wednesday!!!

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Wallet Rescue!!!

Here is a list of marketing schemes and ways to keep your wallet safe!!!

  • Stores use your senses to get you to spend more in various ways!
  • The scent of the bakery makes your stomache growl, which gets you hungry enough to buy more!
  • If you don’t need it, don’t buy it! Two for one deals, or those similar, are only a bargain if you will use the product. If it wastes, you’ve lost money!
  • Even if it’s on sale, if you don’t use that product often, don’t buy it. Otherwise you’ll end up with 10 cans of tuna in your cabinet, knowing quite well you only eat tune every 6 months!
  • Endcaps. Those product displays on the end of each aisle. They often imply something is on sale, but it usually is not. Don’t be suckered!
  • Stick to the outer aisles! Grocers know that once we go down the aisles to find that one thing, we are going to ‘remember’ we needed something else. Don’t go unless you have to. If you do have to, get tunnel vision! Get what you went for and get OUT!
  • Seasonal items are always up front then located in random places around the store. Remember: if it’s not on your list, you DID NOT NEED IT!!!
  • Studies show that music in a major chord sells more than music in a minor chord! Also, slow music encourages you to dawdle, therefore buying more. Beat all the studies: use your mp3!!!
  • Samples: Yummy though they may be, typically if we like a product, we simply buy it without asking the price or trying to figure out if it truly is a good deal! If you like something, write it down and consider picking it up next time! Odds are, you’ll not want it that much!
  • If your bank is in store, you are more likely to buy more as your money is ‘right there,’ so to speak. Avoid this by finding a bank NOT located in your local store!
  • Consider the original prices before you buy ‘clearance’ items. Often ‘sale’ or ‘clearance’ signs are placed simply to get you to buy them!
  • Avoid the in-store tv ads! You are already in a ‘buying’ mood, no need for the temptation to add something in the cart! You know, that ‘it is only $5 more’ mentality! Add up all those $5 more incidents and you’ll be shocked!
  • It’s cheaper to buy whole cuts, such as pre-cooked turkey or blocks of cheese, and have the deli slice it for you. They don’t charge and you can check to see if it’s cheaper than buying pre-sliced meat!
  • Buying meat already cut can cost you up to or more than twice as much! Cut it yourself and save! There are many resources online that will teach you exactly how to cut the meat. A good knife and a cutting board and you are set!
  • Don’t shop hungry!!! If you get there and realize you are, get a cookie and eat it as you shop. That way, you don’t end up shopping with your stomache!!!
  • Weigh the pros and cons of some specials. If you have to buy 10 of something you don’t need, then you may not really be saving. BUT, if you can store them without them ruining and it’s something you need, evaluate your purchase… Also, remember that oftentimes you don’t actually have to buy a certain amount to get that price! You can find this out at the customer service desk or through an employee.
  • Make sure you watch the register as things are rang up. There have been times, most recently at Wal-Mart, when I was charged for items I didn’t purchase!
  • Check the ‘Manager’s Specials’. Often they aren’t yet past the safe zone of food. If they are used quickly or immediately frozen.
  • When you are ready to go to check out, double check your cart! Those items that you picked up but don’t really need, get rid of them!!! Don’t buy them!!! There is a reason they weren’t on your list!!!
  • Candy and impulse items are at the front for a reason! They tempt you while you wait in line to check out. Find something to do while you are waiting that doesn’t involve looking around! Work on your to-do list, play with your phone, something! Just keep your eyes off the shelves!

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Info to Improve Your Credit!! (Not selling anything!!!)

Ahh, credit!!!  One must love the fact that people will give us credit while we are young and full of dreams!!!  You know the days, if you aren’t in them it’s quite likely you have been!  My husband and I both made a series of mistakes when utilizing credit in the beginning and we are paying for it!!!  (Both literally and figuratively!!!)  Despite the fact that we have spent the last 5 years paying bills on time and not obtaining more debt, our credit was still too low to manage anything with.  We finally got to the point where we were ready to take that giant home ownership leap, and we got the lovely and inspiring message ‘you’ve….uh… a lot of……uh……negative things…..on……your…..uh……..’  No amount of honesty or good intentions was getting us those keys!!!

So, here we are, lots of research later and we are almost there.  I can TASTE the wonderful taste of home ownership!!!  We still have a little to go, but not near as much as before and now it doesn’t seem like something we will never achieve!!!

All of that was said so that I could give you a few ‘tips’ and form letters to improve your credit once you’ve ran it into the ground.  Make no mistake, it will still take time, but it won’t take 7 years!  I was so frustrated in doing research and only finding ways to raise your credit BEFORE you’ve ruined it!  Honestly, if I had thought to look up something like that all those years ago, I wouldn’t have needed it!!!

So, in hopes of saving you my headache, here goes:

1.  Get a credit report.  There are legitimate sites where you can get each report free once a year.  Don’t PAY for that report!!!  Also, you have three reports: ONLY get one!!!  You’ll want to wait a few months so you can re-check your credit without spending the money to see if it has improved.  I suggest printing it out without your social.  You know what your social is, no need to put it on even more paper!

2.  Keep your current bills up to date.  If you can’t afford a bill, CALL THEM!!!  They don’t want to send it to creditors if they don’t have to, they lose money that way.  That is why they are willing to work with people.  Don’t get me wrong, they try hard not to be too helpful, but they will help.

3.  Go through your report, ensure that each item on the list is YOUR DOING!!!  Identity theft is a very popular crime these days!!!  Any charges that you are not familiar with, call and get information.  Make sure it’s yours!!!

4.  After verifying that all things on the report are your own, breathe.  Just breathe!!!  We all make mistakes and learn the hard way, this isn’t the end of being able to utilize your credit.  Just start working on it!!!

5.  Here’s where the work begins so the suffering can end!!!  Current debt: stay on top of it.  Pay off balances as quickly as you can.  There are many ways to save money and when we stop and look at it, there are many things we can cut out of our budget!!!  Which reminds me, budget!!!

6.  Pay for Delete:  All of the accounts you have that are in collections, start sending pay for delete letters.  The letter will follow.  Make an offer for less than what you owe, providing they respond in a certain amount of time and you pay that amount in a certain time frame.  Don’t send the letter until you have the money, and when you do send it send it certified so they know you are serious and you know whether or not they’ve received it!  The idea behind this is when they agree, and you have it in writing, you send the money and you are done with them.  They will have 30 days to take it off your credit.  Just make sure you promptly pay it!!!

7.  Goodwill letter:  Also to follow.  A goodwill letter is basically to plea for companies to remove late payments and ‘paid after charge offs’ from your credit.  One of two things can happen here: they can say no and nothing changes OR they can have some mercy and remove it.  Worse case scenario: you are out the cost of printing and mailing the letter!

Pay for Delete
Your Name
Your Address
Your City, State Zip

Collector’s Name
Collector’s Address
Collector’s City, State Zip


Re: Account Number XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX

Dear Collection Manager:

This letter is in response to your [letter / call / credit report entry] on [date] related to the debt listed above. I wish to save us both some time and effort by settling this debt.
Please be aware that this is not an acknowledgment or acceptance of the debt, as I have not received any verification of the debt. Nor is this a promise to pay and is not a payment agreement unless you provide a response as detailed below.
I am aware that your company has the ability to report this debt to the credit bureaus as you deem necessary. Furthermore, you have the ability to change the listing since you are the information furnisher.
I am willing to pay [this debt in full / $XXX as settlement for this debt] in return for your agreement to remove all information regarding this debt from the credit reporting agencies within ten calendar days of payment. If you agree to the terms, I will send certified payment in the amount of $XXX payable to [Collection Agency] in exchange to have all information related to this debt removed from all of my credit files.
If you accept this offer, you also agree not to discuss the offer with any third-party, excluding the original creditor. If you accept the offer, please prepare a letter on your company letterhead agreeing to the terms. This letter should be signed by an authorized agent of [Collection Agency]. The letter will be treated as a contract and subject to the laws of my state.
As granted by the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, I have the right to dispute this alleged debt. If I do not receive your postmarked response within 15 days, I will withdraw the offer and request full verification of this debt.

Please forward your agreement to the address listed above.


Your Name

Tips for Sending Your Pay for Delete Letter

  • Send the letter only if you have the ability to pay the full amount listed as soon as the collection agent agrees to your offer.


  • Send the letter and your followup payment via certified mail with return receipt requested.
  • Make sure you keep a copy of the letter for yourself.


Goodwill Letter for late payments:


Your Name
Your Address
Company’s Name
Company’s Address
Late payment removal request regarding account # XXXXXXX
To Whom It May Concern:
I have been a loyal card member of Capital One for 7 (change to the # of years you’ve been a card member) years and couldn’t be happier with my decision to join the Capital One Family. You’ve always offered some of the most competitive rates and rewards programs, and evenbeat a competitor’s lowest interest rate when I inquired about transferring my balance to their card (replace this sentence with a description of a time the company went “above and beyond’ to help you).
Unfortunately, in December of 2010 (replace this with the date of your late payment(s) here) I took advantage of our relationship and failed to submit my monthly payment on time. It was an exceptionally busy time and my life as I was balancing the birth of our first child while taking night classes to fulfill one of my long standing career goals (replace this sentence with a POSITIVE life event that may have contributed to you missing the payment). Now that I have found a prosperous balance in my life I honestly cannot associate with the person that let this payment obligation go unattended to. I fully respect my obligations with Capital One and have worked diligently to amend my relationship with you by regaining your trust. A brief look at my account will reveal I have successfully made 12 on time payments since my unfortunate lapse of judgment.
Recently, I have begun search for a more financially rewarding career in business and it has come to my attention that my late payment(s) with Capital One may negatively affect my chances of obtaining a career in the field I am pursing. As you may know, FICO scores are being used more and more in the selection of prospective job applicants.
In light of my renewed focus and demonstrated commitment to rebuilding my trust with your company, I am requesting that you give me a second chance at a positive credit rating by revising the late payment(s) as reported on my three major credit bureau files (Experian, Transunion, and Equifax). I sincerely hope Capital Ones believes in their customers and I humbly request your consideration to allow me to pursue the career of my dreams. I appreciate your time and look forward to receiving a favorable decision from you department soon.
Your Name Here
Obviously the information should be changed to suit the company you are writing to!!!
Another example:
Your Name
Your Address
Company’s Name
Company’s Address
Regarding Account # XXXXXXX
To Whom It May Concern:
My purpose for writing this letter today is twofold; one is to thank Toyota Financial Services for the excellent service you have provided me over the last few years and the second is a humble request to have my account information amended with regards to a late payment occurring in May of 2006.
I bought my new Toyota in the fall of 2003 and couldn’t be happier with my decision. Was it not for (describe some crazy situation that distracted you from making your payment on time: a move, a medical emergency, an accident, lost check, etc.) I’d have a spotless payment history. I understand my obligations with Toyota and have worked diligently to amend my relationship with you since that time (mention here how you’ve paid on time since the last late payment).
Since then I believe I have learned the essential organizational and financial management principles I desperately needed. Thankfully, responsible credit management is now reflected in my credit records which, excluding the Toyota 30-day late payment, are excellent. I wish to thank you for renewing your confidence in me and for giving me a second chance at a relationship with you, one that I am determined to keep spotless into the future.
Recently, I have begun my quest for a mortgage, and it has come to my attention that my tradeline with Toyota may affect my chances of obtaining the very lowest interest rates now available. Since the late payment(s) of record do not reflect my current status with Toyota, I am requesting that you give me a second chance at a positive credit rating by revising the late payment(s). I sincerely hope Toyota Financial Services believes in their customers, and I humbly request your consideration. I appreciate your time and look forward to receiving a favorable decision from you department soon.
Your Name Here
There are some tips on Goodwill letters and I got the examples for those here.  This is an awesome and very helpful site!!!  Good luck and don’t give up!!!


You can use this to get your credit score free! My suggestion is to get one (you can get three per year total), work towards fixing these, THEN after about 4-5 months, get the second to ensure the old stuff is taken off! Good luck!

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