Perfect Sportsman’s Gift! #HappyFishing

Perfect Sportsman Gift! #HappyFishing

Being super excited to get the Mystery Tackle Box from Catch Co., I was not disappointed!  The box is designed with a cool ruler that folds out and tells you about a fabulous contest the company is running and the fish size requirements to enter!  It’s not difficult, just an Instagram share and tag a photo of what you caught with the baits from your box!

The insert in the box declares ‘Welcome Aboard’ and gives you plenty, easy to read bits of information about how to reach them, how to add to your next subscription box and even how to earn free credit!  Boxes start at $14.99 per month (with discounts if you buy in 3, 6, or 12 month intervals) and you will always get at least $10 more in product than you paid.  My particular box came with product valued at $27.22 in a $14.99 box.  One can also select the type of fish they fish for in order to get the correct type of bait and add their own selections to the box.

If you aren’t sure what type of box someone might like, you can get them a subscription and print off a certificate.  It would be a nice moment to get to know someone a little more and let them talk about fishing if you have to help them walk through the process of redeeming their certificate!

This will most certainly be an awesome gift for anyone who loves fishing!  My Dad will be getting one for Father’s Day this year.  (How sad that a spoiler on my website won’t spoil it for my Daddy!  LOL.  Anyone that knows him, keep it zipped!)  My Dad works hard and always has, I feel like he deserves to get to relax in ways that work for him.  Fishing seems to be one of them!

Mystery Tackle Box


Music Legends

These were all on display at the Hardrock Casino and Resort in Tulsa, OK

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BULU Box Review

  The Bulu Box is stocked full of vitamins and supplements.  With a monthly subscription, you can try out new health products every month.  The box I received included the following: Dream Water Vibrant Cleanse Herbal Papaya Tea Papaya Seed Extract Capsules Aero Shot Energy ProLab Quick Fire Q Speed: CoQ10 At Ease All Natural […]

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NAAT Brazilian Keratin

My Thoughts I got to try NAAT Brazilian Keratin and I have to say, I love it!  Every time I use it my hair feels silky smooth.  It even looks better than when I use my normal shampoos.  I recently fried my hair by using an expensive anti-dandruff shampoo and NAAT has really helped restore […]

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Saw these at Walgreens and it cracked me up.   Gangsta Gnomes!   Not sure I’ve ever seen anything LESS gangsta than gnomes!   What have you seen that just cracks you up lately? Originally posted 2013-04-03 05:00:00.

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PB Crave is On Sale

PB Crave is ON Sale on all week long through Sunday 4/7 (7pm EST)  Stock up on CoCo Banana, Choco Choco, Razzle Dazzle and Cookie Nookie to turn snacks and meals into artisan-made gourmet goodies.  Click here for details Originally posted 2013-04-02 16:51:00.

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#BabyFirstTV I Can Sign Review

Communication is the key to all relationships.  Without communication, no telling where we would be.  We communicate with our words, body language, and so many other non-verbal ways I can’t even begin to name them.  As infants, however, communication is limited.  They have a while before they are able to learn to verbally communicate much […]

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Top Ten Books for Teens by Nicole Grotepas, Author of Blue Hearts of Mars

Top Ten Books for Teens by Nicole Grotepas, Author of Blue Hearts of Mars It seems like there’s a never-ending stream of young adult books coming out on themarket. As a parent, how can you possibly read each one to make sure that you want yourkid reading them? Sometimes you just can’t. So here’s my […]

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Bible Verse Gifts Review

Through the years I’ve seen many different name meaning prints.  I love this one because it is unique.  The certificate doesn’t tell the root of a name meaning or some superstition, rather it tells the recipient verses that may very well something that they need to hear.  With each letter, up to 20, there is […]

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Cookbook: 300 Sensational Soups

I was recently able to check out 300 Sensational Soups and let me tell ya, I was impressed!  I honestly never thought there were so many possible soups!  This book covers a huge variety!  The chapters include: soup stocks chilled soups fresh garden vegetable soups bean soups hearty meat lovers soups cheese soups fish and […]

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