7+ Cookies: 1 Mix! #MakeItYours #EatSmart

These cookies turned out absolutely amazing!  I have eaten far more than I needed to!  Perfect for Christmas or any day! I love that one recipe can make multiple types of cookies! I love this recipe!  I received it from Influenster some time ago and just recently tried it out.  The recipe itself gives four … Continue reading 7+ Cookies: 1 Mix! #MakeItYours #EatSmart

Chocolate Mint Cookies

My first guest post!!!  I felt so proud!  😀  I posted a recipe that Monkey and I made for Chocolate Peppermint Cookies!  They turned out super yummy!  SO, go by and check em out if you wish!  They are posted up at Dominique’s Desk! A sneak peak??? Just this once…. Yummy looking, huh!?!  Go by … Continue reading Chocolate Mint Cookies

Old Fashion Peanut Butter Cookies

I have an old recipe book from my childhood that is full of old, simple but delicious recipes.  While they aren’t necessarily new foods, they frequently remind me of my childhood.  This particular recipe book sat for years on my Mom’s bookshelf.  When I moved out, I went back home and gave it freedom from … Continue reading Old Fashion Peanut Butter Cookies

Snowball Cookies #Recipe

For those of you who must have dairy free, we made ours with dairy free ‘butter’ and they were great.  I think they’d be fabulous with margarine, but we did ours dairy free.  😀  I’d love to hear any additions/changes you make!  These are fabulous with coffee or hot chocolate! Ingredients: 1 lb margarine 1/2 … Continue reading Snowball Cookies #Recipe

Dog Treats Recipe: Carrot and Cinnamon Cookies

MAKES ABOUT 1 LB (500 G) OF COOKIES • Preheat oven to 350°F (180°C) • Nonstick baking sheets • Food processor • Rolling pin • Pizza cutter 4 cups whole wheat flour 1 L 1⁄2 cup cornmeal 125 mL 1 tsp ground cinnamon 5 mL 1 cup chopped carrot 250 mL 1⁄2 cup water 125 … Continue reading Dog Treats Recipe: Carrot and Cinnamon Cookies

Maryland Party Cheesecake Recipe

Kaycee, thank you for inviting me to Crafty Zoo to post a favorite recipe. Readers of my mystery story, Three Sisters, will know that the main character, Emily Castles, is not a very good cook. Fortunately this is not one of her recipes and it works very well. It’s an easy baked cheesecake recipe taken … Continue reading Maryland Party Cheesecake Recipe

Babycakes: 175 Best Cake Pops Recipes

Okay, these pops are flippin’ adorable!  I love them!  I was recently given the chance to review: 175 Best Babycakes: Cake Pops Recipes by Kathy Moore and Roxanne Wyss. Order Yours Here Let me start by saying that I love the book!  The pops are adorable, it is well written, and they even have tips, … Continue reading Babycakes: 175 Best Cake Pops Recipes

Girl’s Night: It’s Time, Let’s Do This!

Girls Night!  It’s time, face it.  We get too busy and don’t spend enough time together.  And frankly, clubs got old a long time ago!  This game will keep the laughter rolling and fun going! I don’t know about you, but I was never into the club scene and as I get older I am … Continue reading Girl’s Night: It’s Time, Let’s Do This!

Heart Shaped Cookie Review

Hey everyone!  Wanted to share something sweet with you today, so I’m doing a review of some yummy heart shaped cookies!  😀  You get the sweet pics, we got the calories!  But don’t worry, I’ll tell ya how to get your own Valentine Day Cookies or Valentines Day Gift Basket with 10% off! But, before we … Continue reading Heart Shaped Cookie Review

Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake

Zoo feed was running low and Christmas is fast approaching, so we decided it was time for cookies! Chief Zoo Keeper decided that he wanted a Cookie Cake. We tried to convince him he didn’t, but we lost. SO, our first bit of ‘Christmas’ Cookies was a yummy cookie cake!!!   Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake … Continue reading Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake