Intoducing: Friday Five – Time Savers

Hey Everyone!  As some of you know, I’ve started back to school (yay).  I am beginning work on my Master’s degree in Marriage and Family Counseling.  (Appreciate all the support and prayers I can get!)  So, in the meantime to help with the load, I have decided to do a series called Friday Five.  It […]

Family Game Night

Family time is a very important time.  I can honestly say I am not a fan of board games but my daughter and husband love them.  So, from time to time I suck it up and we play.  We always have a good time when we do things as a family.  This evening, we chose […]

The Can Rant

Hey everyone…  I know I don’t usually do this, but today shall be my exception…  Or the beginning of a new trend…  Who knows!  LOL.  I have a rant and I’d like to share my frustrations with you and would love to hear your responses!  Especially advice, I’ll take all that I can get!!! Okay, […]

5 Ways to Change Your Day with Music!

Music can change the way one feels, thinks, acts and feels! There are so many songs that inspire so much within me, whether it be good or bad, it can change my mindset and my motivation. Music is everywhere, even in the pleasant sounds of nature.  I could sit for hours just listening to the […]

Spider Bit…

Hey Everyone, As if I needed something else going on I have a nice big fat spider bite on my neck!  So, I thought I’d find some spider bite first aid tips for everyone.  In the meantime, I am on antibiotics and feeling miserable!  Stupid poison has sent a rash head to tow!  So, check […]

No Longer MIA

Hey Everyone!  Sorry I’ve been gone lately!!!!  We FINALLY got moved!  It’s been a nightmare, plus the cable guys took their ever loving sweet time to get us back online!!!  I don’t have much tonight, but I will soon!  Also, the winners to the Heat Wave Giveaway will be posted soon!!!  Get your fingers crossed!!!  […]

Motivating your Teen to study

Every parent knows that the teenage years is the rebellious age. Sometimes the revolution starts even before they become a teenager.  Even though mykids are not yet in the teenager stage I have taught teenagers before inmy teaching career and they are certainly not easy to handle. Studying doesn’t seem “cool” to some and most […]


Hey Guys, the right to vote is an extremely important one!  It helps to ensure in our democracy that YOUR voice is heard!  You should always hold it dear! That being said…. So I joined Circle of Moms and I’d love for you to vote for me!  😀 It will just take a second!  😀  […]

Absolutely Free Gospel Plane: Get Yours Before they are Gone!

This gospel plane is absolutely adorable and you can print it out for free!  (Love that as well!) Paper airplanes and fold up notes seem to be an obsession from a young age. I can remember the little boys folding their Sunday school lessons up into paper airplanes before class was even over, which is […]

Good Morning

Hey Everyone.  I’ve got good news and bad news and good news. 1. WE GOT OUR HOUSE!!!!!  Remodeling has begun!!!2.  I don’t have time to post today…3.  Tomorrow we’ll have a new free SHARE THE MEMORIES file!!! I’ll be back soon to catch ya up!  I plan on doing a whole series of posts about […]

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