Parents Corner

After years of NOT doing one of these pages, this is a work in progress.  Please have some confidence in me and check back on these pages!

Tips & Tricks

Can Predators Easily Find Your Child?Bonus Benefits of Hugging5 Ways to Teach God's Love to Kids Now!5 Great Lessons Using Optical Illusions Let the Little Children Come5 LESSONS FOR CHILDREN FROM THEIR WARDROBE WITH FRENCH TOAST #FRENCHTOASTCOM


Disney Side Party! Get Your Disney Party On With Us!Snapology Birthday Parties! The most Epic Party with the Least Work for You!DIY Halloween Party Planning Sponsored By @MisterSinger

Crafts & Decor

Clever Cards to Color #cleverpublishing


Little Workers Digger: Backyard Must Have!Magic Canvas: No More Writing on the Wall! @plasmartSquashed! Family Game Night!Imagination Play: Kaskey Kids Sports Toys Review & 20% DiscountGet Rollin' with Kimber Verve 3 Wheel Scooter!How Do Your Fairies Play? My Fairy GardenFruit Tote with Teether ToysScented Sweet ScrapbookScented Nail Collection & 20% Discount Code!Imagination Play: Kaskey Kids Sports Toys Review & 20% Discount

Children’s Books

Maya Angelou: Little People, Big DreamsRoma Downey's Little Angels Prayers for Every Day #RealRomaDowneyDon't Ever Look Behind Door 32Silent Night: An Old Favorite in a New Book!Muhammad Ali: Little People, Big Dreams Children's Book Series

Kids Music

Odds and Ends Children's Music by Andrew & PollyClassic Kids Songs #LaurieBerknerThe Shazzbots ride again with their new album Lightspeed! If you are looking to move & grove with a country twang, you'll love this one!Party On: Great Music to Jam with the Kids!Poochamungas Block PartyLullapop LullabiesDESERT ISLAND Recess Monkey Recess Monkey: Wired Review and Giveaway US Ends 5/27Classic Kids Songs #LaurieBerkner


#NancyDrew #TheHiddenStaircase Thoughts & #giveaway


Learn & Grow with SnapologySlideshop: Blow Any Presentation Out of the Water!

Sunday School

15 Lessons Paracord Can Help TeachWhat do these colors inspire for you?Halloween Tract from Let the Little Children Come

College Life

Dorm Essentials They Don't Tell You About & Tips from a Freshman Year SurvivorFor Baby!

Baby Registry: And Baby Makes 3 But Baby Ain't Free!Baby Wipes Cover! Fantastic Baby Gift!DIY Diaper CakeFruit Tote with Teether ToysSee N Store Multi-Media Organizer from #BabyBeeHavenBest Baby Shoes EverBabyFirstTV I Can Sign Review @BabyFirstFirstMedia

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